Saturday, 11 August 2007

'Detoxing' from WoW? RL vs Comps

As I sit here writing this message, i've spent a good month or two away from the game - it seems like it was much longer than this, I still feel i stopped for the right reasons, I wasnt having fun because it was more of a chore than fun, yes the cliche line thats overused frequently by people who have claimed to have detoxed, for the amount i got rid of my character for, maybe it wasnt worth it or justified, but it was a good excuse to get myself out of the game, considering the time I invested into it, I got pennies back in 'refunds' but oh well.

The times that I enjoyed from the game went slimmer, theres only a few golden moments that make the game worth playing anymore, especially when you've done and seen the bulk of it, but when those moments do happen they are what makes you want to carry on playing, even though they're rare they do still try to pull me back, i played about an hour on a private server but it wasnt the same, they are bugged some and blink dosent work the same as it does ingame, mobs are screwed and spell casttime-reduction talents don't register (i.e imp fireblast, burning soul - poly isnt ommni directional etc) - so this sort of eliminates the idea of doing something on a private server, those small thoughts I have of making a platinum movie still come into my head when I am doing IRL activities, sports or the likes.

When i'm alone and have time to think, listening to music thinking of concepts in my head, the main drive I had to play the game in the past is still there because ever since I quit the void of time I have to fill is immense, i've done badminton, tennis, football, social activities with friends, going out on a weekly basis too, its very very costly compated to WoW, but its 'cooler' - the worst times are when you get home and have done sports etc, work, and are left with nothing to do, its so easy to just log onto something like wow and play, but the downside is you end up wasting too much time in the game, its like putting plates of food infront of an overweight person and they need to be able to draw the line and stop binge eating.

Seriously tho, good friends of those who play WoW shouldnt encourage them to get back into the game, I already feel guilty for getting several people into this MMO curse who previously had hardly played games at all, on the plus side it saves them money, but for the majority it does more harm than good IMO. There are some cases when people make a name for themselves, even start to make a healthy living from the game, but thats the minority, realistically speaking it does more harm than good i'd say, especially if the individual can't draw the line and knows when to say enough is enough

I don't really consider myself as one of the minority who has ever made it big, but I do think i've made a middleground between the average wow player and a bignamer, when I think of what can be accomplished through movies in WoW, I think it goes to show anyone can make a nice name for themselves if they put their mind to it - I being the top moviemaker in your country, or atleast top 3 is quite a feat for my standards

SC2 could be the nail on the coffin, thats why I was waiting for a betakey from blizzcon, but so far i've not heard anything, so its just a matter of wating and deciding what to do


Anonymous said...

lol i agree greatly with your post, athough there is a few things i disagree on.

"I don't really consider myself as one of the minority who has ever made it big, but I do think i've made a middleground between the average wow player and a bignamer"

you are the biggest name in wow i have ever come across. when i first got wow, my friends were watching movies before the game was ruind (BC) on wow movies, and i said, whats drifting rank 14 pvp mage mean? as they explained it i though whoa.. thats cool, so i watched it, this single movie made me roll a mage over any other classes and all through my leveling i though, all i want to to in this game is to get to 60 and be like drifting.. i got to 58 then bc hit, that little thought was crushed, now i am a 70 mage full epics and the games shit, i want to quit but i want to play and get better, but i think as you said it is more of a chore to play it then fun.. i dont know what i want to do.

Anonymous said...

You need your HOLE!!!

Anonymous said...

Get a life!!!!!

Anonymous said...

"i've spent a good month or two away from the game "

Hum... u probably spend 2/3 weeks away from the game. If you go see your older posts you will realize that as well.


Anonymous said...

woah chaos_horse - don't get too over the top. there are certainly biggernames than wonders like maydie and unbreakable and others like ming are more famous.

i think he was right in that 'middleground' stuff but i'm sure if he actually spent time on another video he could become big...