Monday, 13 August 2007

More wondering and thinking out loud! - Exlusive into the befuddled mind of Drifting

I'm still wondering if I did the right thing. My reasons are justified, yes. Because there was nothing to satisfy my needs in the game. I don't play for BG, Arena or the stupid esport/ep33n contest (Which for the record I myself have and anyone could continue to be #1 at if they put the time, effort and commitment into it). The entire game is entirely blown out of proportion into mindless theorycrafting and jargon babble in order to try and gain greater respect or admiration from mislead individuals, at the end of the day its a MMO, limited by global cooldowns and stone scissors paper situations. As far as arena is concerned, my closest analogy would be its all about making a computer function to its full potential thats been built out of parts made by different manufacturers. I'd rather show skills IRL or do something more meaningfull than use an online persona to hide behind and impress others with purple items.

I won't lie tho, i did to some degree enjoy the fame and attention, although I didnt like to be messaged all the time and spammed. In retrospect a middleground movie taking 2 weeks to make and getting 76k on WCM is an achievement for me. Did I get rid of my account too soon though? I don't know.

If I had spent longer than 2 weeks and instead months I couldve got that platinum movie I wanted, when I'm doing RL sports and activities like I said, ideas are still coming into my head for future ideas and situations - Silly? I don't think so, I just love the thought of movie making/making movies. Usually I get a little too ahead of myself though and always want to put things out before they are even remotely finished. I just dont know if I should ignore these ideas altogether or let the addictiveness warp one into the trap again.

If I held out a few more months I could probably be gone of the thoughts and be lead back into a slightly less hardcore gamer starcraft world (Yes, starcraft is my first love in terms of the gaming world!)

Or I could let the thoughts continue to brew in my head and risk getting sucked in again. I couldnt see myself playing anything other than mage class. So the idea of waiting for an expansion and then changing class > 80 would probably not be appealing for me. Continuing to fill my time with other activities like money making, sports and social events would probably be the better option to take, but theres always those chunks of time when you have nothing to do, and i'm the worst victim in the world for playing games like WoW in moderation. It would have probably been ok if i was an eternally hopeless noob who never made a name for himself in WoW, but perhaps to a degree it is the making-a-name-for-yourself thing that makes me want to come back!


Anonymous said...

That is what its all about isn't it? I mostly figured WoW would be a waste of time unless I turned my playing time into a PvP vid. Some people are like that, they are showoffs. They have something to prove. They always top the damage meters, with mostly any class. Why? Because they care. They care to do well, recognize it?

"If this character was played perfectly, what would it look like?", thats part of it.

Anyway, as you seem to say: WoW isn't worth it in the long run.

After a few years there just isn't anything more to get out of it, and that is the point when the sane quit and get on with their lives again.

Bart said...

He's right, playing WoW feels more and more "been there, done that", but the few fun moments you had make you miss it, and then you want to return again Oo. So just leave it behind and focus on what's up next =D

Anonymous said...

can i hav your autograph?

Anonymous said...

Purples don't impress women and they don't get you laid. They only impress oily pimple faced teenagers that are lost in life. Let it go, this game is crack on roids. Myself I have NEVER been so addicted to something so meaningless. I have never respected you more until you wrote this blog about letting it go. Peace, harmony, and for heavens sake, PRIORITIES!!! Good luck all.

Anonymous said...

You are so right :) I don't really have time to post a novel as I'm at work, so I just wanted to let you know that I miss playing with you a lot, and you will always be the best mage in WoW :P well you and Troj ;)
I'll try to contact you on MSN...

Best Regards,

Darkshade :)