Saturday, 14 July 2007

WoW will always be there, so enjoy the summer

I woke up today expecting to see 3.30pm on my clock, surprising enough it was 11am, so I decided to work some extra hours today, though for the first time in weeks its been a fabolous day, sun is finally out, I shouldnt be working or on the computer in this weather, i'm gonna let my arena team mates down for today and catch some of the great weather. I dunno about you but its done nothing but rain the last 1-2 months here in the UK, enjoy the rest of the summer, plenty of time to play hardcore inside when its winter, I made a pact with myself this year that i'd try to take full advantage of the summer and go out/enjoy myself more, so far its not gone as smoothly as I planned, however its still not too late yet!

I strongly advise anyone else gets some more time out, as far as i'm concerned there isnt any huge need to play the game as there was before, the HWL grind isnt there, i'm not PvEing either so any hardcore play is just an old natural instinct or something deep down forcing me to do so, I can step away if I need to now, though. Arena isnt as crucial as the old honor system, that can wait till tuesday if need be. 2k rating is alright for this battlegroup, its around the equivelant of 2200-2300 on my old battlegroup, the competition is definetly a little higher. Either way, enjoy the weather while its here!


Stgeorge said...

im all sticky and hot :<

xsjcol said...

aye, playing in underwear atm, was a little too warm out today in... wait for it... Yorkshire o.O