Tuesday, 31 July 2007

Woo, Project Revolution getting a contributors beta test

The mod i've been waiting for for years is finally getting a contributors beta test (i'm not a participant) but its promising by the looks so far. They've spent nearly 5 years on and off developing the mod, hopefully it will see the light of day before SC2 hits the scene. Its around 60% done overall, terrans are very far in development (90%ish), zerg around 65%, protoss however are hardly done at all, lots of AI and models need to be developed, but i'm keeping my fingers crossed. I really need a gap to fill my WoW void, I have a little TOO much time on my hands since i stopped playing so I really need a form of SC to keep me enticed while I wait for the official second title

On another note, 1up got to betatest SC2 for hours, read more here

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