Monday, 16 July 2007

WoW / RL - Update 2

I decided to get out of bed and write this post before I went to sleep, at 3.19am, must I be insane? Maybe :)

Just some tidbits, i've been unable to play as much as i'd have liked since i've been working 6 days a week for the last 3 weeks, which is quite a bizzare thing for me to do, but banking that IRL gold can be quite satisfying, you know :) I've put 2000 into a motorcycle restoration project i'm hoping to get around 15-20% profit from, and am considering some other investments, always remain constructive, never sink into a cycle of just playing the videogame without a job or profit making schemes, i've been there for a few months (hwl grind x2) and I wouldnt want to go back, I liked the HWL thing while it was "cool", but not making money at the same time isnt very constructive ;] besides, its all about the paper!

I've done my UI fully, tried FRAPSing on 2.9.0 gave me FPS overlapping so i've reverted back to 2.8.x and its working fine again, havent started anything yet but i'd like to do so shortly, I've started to feel the strain from working 6 days a week, considering booking a holiday off soon or taking a break, admittedly I don't have such an urge to play WoW around the clock atm, i'd like to get a GF and focus on some other alternative stuff at the same time, rather than just play the game for the sake of it, i'd like to keep my distance modestly and let the game give me the itch to play rather than just forcing it....

As far as my Arena team is concerned, we are 2k rating and I don't want to push it, theyve agreed to playing 10-15 games, if we do well we call it for the time being, if we lose then maybe we'd go heavier games, but for now I think its tickover, this is subject to change on a daily basis though :P

Like I said i'm just hoping the next patch dosent mess up my UI, hopefully if it dosent I can start experimenting.


Anonymous said...

Amg my first first

Anonymous said...

hwl grind X2 ?!



Chidorii said...

he got rank 14 again because of the new spellblade iirc =)

Anonymous said...

oh k ^^

btw drifting, your 3rd pvp video was the ownage imo


Tea said...

You make it seem like Rank 14 twice is a bad thing(i'm sure most people think it is :P) I got two Rogues to rank 14 solo and in pugs and i gotta say it was the most fun i've playing WoW.

You get alot of good rivalries going, meet new friends and foes, and well i guess the +epeen is cool also ^_^ All in all i would've done it a third time seeing as i had so much fun before.

Oozo said...

It was freaking impressive what Teagan did ^

Getting Rank 14 via PuGs only and that was before X-realm BGs wasn't it?

When X-realm BGs came by it was incredibly hard for me to compete against the 24/7 AV AFKers on my server. I gave up at that point. If it had not been for X-server BGs I'm pretty sure I would have gotten R14 on Scilla. We were really the only horde preform going at the time. :(

- Oozo(former Teagan rival)

Anonymous said...

ouuuuuuuuuuch...unlucky :S

Tea said...

HEh thx Oozo. Really looking forward to your Iwl3, i just saw the trailer/intro or w/e you wanna call it and it was very awesome ^^